Reviews- Shitty, SAVE YOUR TIME!

I have been to good adult webcam sites, I have seen bad live sex porn, I have seen bizarre things nude girls do on cam, but never ever I have seen a website as primitive as obsolete as Why is so primitive? SERIOUSLY FOLKS.

Using, A Full Review

Consider this as a personal rant, but I can’t stop myself from sharing my personal experiences that I have had on This is going to be a long story, grab a popcorn tub and get comfortable as our EuroLive reviews are more exciting than using this adult webcam site. Screenshots of Eurolive cam are here: reviews
Just look at the home page and you can imagine what crap you will get as far as user experience. It’s straight out of 1990!

How do I hate thee ( let me count the ways…..

This adult cam site has the most ‘Uninteresting UI’

Website, its sketch, its display and the way it is able to present its content is one of most attractive (and basic) quality of any website, more so if you are into a live adult cams business. This is the number one spot where fails. And, it fails big time. It’s current UI has all of 5 menu tabs, extremely boring thumbnails, and most unimaginative combination of colors. FAIL! I also had a tough time navigating this site first time I checked in  as everything was written in French (I was accessing site from my mobile). I tried looking for translation icon for good 10 minutes, before I actually shut its mobile site. Frustrated, of course!

This Live adult cam site is limited by its database

You could have easily gotten over its dull looks had people at worked on its content. As I mentioned earlier Eurolive as few tabs and even fewer categories to list into those tabs. It is heavily banking on cam girls, couples and Trans – giving absolutely zero fucks to gays and people with alternative interests. The so-called models appear naive and have absolutely no clue on how to put up a good show. Trust me, I have put my money there, and I regret it big time.

Again sorry our Reviews are so rough but hey this cam site truly sucks! And there is more…

Support? What’s that? Someone Please Tell EuroLive Cam Site!

I have been on some top-notch adult cam sites like LiveJasminStreamate (reviews at that link), Chaturbate (reviews at that link) and was blown away with promptness of their customer care. I had absolutely no problem accessing their premium content, and I could do that without any assistance, thanks to the thorough FAQs., on other hand, seems to give no hoots about its customers convenience. The support is only accessible via email (with a TAT of 48 hrs) and the FAQs on this adult cam site has been prolly written by the person who was just about to quit his/her job. Result – I just can’t frigging understand what is going on! I suggest you read the current rankings table on the home page. Most of the top 15 sites we still use, but 90% of the time we use the top 2 adult chat sites.

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