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Chaturbate Reviews – Fun or Just Lame?

Introduction to using Chaturbate

When it comes to top adult chat sites with webcams few are as famous as Chaturbate. Over the past 3 years this adult webcam site has catapulted to the top rank of all token sex cams websites.


Chaturbate Reviews

So I have read so many reviews and each time I felt those summaries never go into proper details. Therefore I wrote my own chaturbate reviews for this adult cam site as it’s one of our favorites. Sorry it’s such a long review but I think one of the worlds best cam girls chat sites deserves a proper rundown of some of the things they offer.

Here is the main problem with Chatterbait, oh and also ChatterBait is spelled c-h-a-t-u-r-a-b-a-t-e not Chatterbait like it sounds. The website is located at

Anyway, the issue with Chatburbate is it just takes a long time to understand how the website really works. That is also not a bad thing it just means that after you use the site for a long t time you like it a little more once you learn how it all really works and what is available. What I mean is, it’s such an advanced adult webcam site that it really takes lots of practice to understand what all the features are about.

For example just like streamate or livejasmin cams, they have private live sex cam shows where you can interact with cam girls no different from premium adult webcam sites. Not to mention there are also minimum nude chat session durations that models can set based on their own preferences.  The funny things this is something performers have been asking for for a long time at other top adult webcam sites. The irony for cam girls at other sites is it already exists on, but most of them don’t know about this!

Is Chaturbate truly a free sex cam site?

Sorta. Let’s break that down. Yes any user on Chaturbate has ability of watch cams and broadcast themselves free of charge. Also credit cards are not necessary to enjoy this adult webcam site but to unlock all the features of the site your going to need some money and a card!

The joining process is super easy and takes about 2 minutes. Once you join you have a hundred percent free access to live cams you can browse cam girls online free and interact two-way. Honestly a lot of the cam girls are just like you and me, but okay perhaps they look better naked.

As matter of fact I once saw my sisters friend in a totally nude cam show at this sex chat site. Funny story. She actually used to work at Starbucks. HA! Anyway, whenever you hit the join page you simply input a username, a password, and an email address as well as your date of birth and your gender. Then you simply have to click that you have read and agree to the terms and conditions. It’s pretty darn easy.

Let’s talk first about costs at Chaturbate:

Chaturbate tokens are available in packages of 100, 200, 500, 750, 1255, and 2025 the prices are $10.99, $20.99, $44.99, $62.99, %79.99, $99.99 and $159.99.

What is interesting is there’s a staggered bonus once you reach the 200 token package with the 200 token package you get a 5% bonus with the 500 token package you get a 22% bonus with the 750 token package you get a 31% bonus and it goes clear up to 39% bonus. If you’re purchasing tokens via a wire, check, or money order you have to buy an amount over a hundred 5999. For instance a $350 purchase would net you 4375 tokens.  That’s a shitload of tokens and tons of sex cam shows! 🙂

Lets talk more about the features at Chaturbate.

One of my favorite aspects about using is pan cam. Pancam beta is now available for all users on chaturbate. This test desktop application allows you to Grant tippers control your camera through pancam specific apps and bots. Cam girls are able to use pan cam as an incentive for fans to tip even more in nude chat rooms. Of course cam girls have to be using camera supported by pancam. The two supported cameras are Logitech PTZ Pro and Logitech bcc950

Raising your spending limit on Chaturbate

Increasing your spending power is really simple all accounts are limited as to how many transactions they can make within a certain. Of time all you have to do to increase your daily spending limit is contact Chaturbate support typically they’ll ask you to complete a hand that signed authorization form and also include a photo of the card holders photo ID users will receive a 200 token bonus for initial spending limit raises that’s really kind of cool if you had another spending limit after raising you can also contact support again another really cool thing about Chaturbate is they accept bitcoin.You can purchase tokens of Bitcoin buy going to get more tokens in the top right corner. Choose the Bitcoin option, enter the number of tokens you want to buy and continue to the next step the minimum Bitcoin token purchase is 1250 tokens.

What I really love about Chaturbate is it empowers the performers and puts them in front of the action. What I mean is Chaturbate is all about the cam girls. Cam girls set up social media profiles on websites like Tumblr, Twitter, Facebook, and their own personal websites and then promote their new cam shows all across the internet pushing literally millions of people into their webcam shows.

The fact is, this top nude chat site is completely unlike all other adult webcam sites. As a matter of fact, ever since 2014 Chaturbate has completely taken off.

Chaturbate has literally become one of the premier adult cam sites in Europe in the United States. They are recognized as such all across the industry and all the top adult entertainment conferences from Adult Webcam Awards to Live Cam Awards to XBIZ and AVN. Chaturbate has made it clear they virtually reinvented adult webcam sites when they launched their tips-based platform.

Not to mention, the fact is Chaturbate virtually created teledildonics tip-powered nude chat!

One thing I dislike about was it initially the site wasn’t very easy to use from your mobile phone but that’s completely changed as they have become a much more responsive sex cams site. Also, the mobile version of Chaturbate is no longer in beta and it is as good as any other adult webcam site from your phone.

One aspect of that makes it unlike other adult webcam sites is the fact they have moderators. Camgirl moderators at Chaturbate work alongside broadcasters to ensure quality nude cam shows or as they like to say “broadcasts”. Basically, the mods as they are called help both the cam girl and the viewers alike. As a matter of fact, moderators can communicate directly with the cam girl, encourage viewers to tip in order to reach a goal, give insight to viewers should a problem arise, and a heck of a lot more. Also certain language. requests. or behavior might be offensive to the broadcaster or cam girl. In those cases the moderator can decide to ban a person from watching that cam girls show.

Users might not even be aware of this but webcam girls here have the ability to set an expiration for moderators on Chaturbate. It can be one day to six months. This is located under the settings and privacy tab.

Use Emoticons on Chaturbate.Com

So another aspect that’s really neat about this sex cam site is the fact that they allow emoticons. Actually they don’t just allow them they have them built into the site. So when you’re in the chat room just click on that smiling yellow face to the right of the text entry bar. That is where you will find a whole slew of emoticons. You can even type in the first letter of an emoticon and you get a whole list of emoticons that begin with that letter. It’s really pretty neat!

Chaturbate Usernames Color and What Each Means

Another thing that people are not aware of is that user names have different colors and so let’s break it down. Orange is reserved for cam girls, red is the color of moderators,  Light Blue belongs to those who have purchased tokens,  dark blue means they have tipped at least 50 tokens in the past 2 weeks, whereas light purple are for users who have tipped at least 250 tokens in that same time frame.  how Evergreen is like super VIP. Green usernames are actually members of the fan club for that particular camgirl. Now the grey haven’t paid for s***. Sorry but it’s true.

So the moral of the story is don’t be a cheap ass and take some time to actually understand the features and functions at this life sex webcam site.  I hope you have found a review of useful in understanding a little bit better how this top porn cams site actually works.

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