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ImLive Reviews – I tried Mobile Sex Cams and Learned This…

Introduction to using ImLive

ImLive has become widely known for the mobile adult webcam shows they offer. Our reviews of will discuss the costs, prices, and all you want to wank to!

Featured model username is 18Teen_ from
The featured model is SadiesButt

The most common concerns are: 

    • Will my card be charged for costs that are not clear on the site?
    • Will I be bombarded with pop-ups and/or malicious software offers?
    • Will everything on the site be as promised?
  • …and is there any catch in the fine print that I need to be worried about?

The things that we think constitute a scam are:

  • When you are not told what the real costs or charges are for a site.
  • When Adult Chat Sites claim to be totally free and they are not completely free.
  • …or when a website does not operate in a manner that is consistent with fully disclosing your obligations for getting the services they advertise.

This is what we refer to as our internal scam check. Now that we have covered the basics of what we do, let’s get to our detailed adult chat site reviews and talk about the specifics of ImLive.

ImLive Reviews

Price is of course one of the most important aspects to consider when people choose to buy any product or service. This is also the case when it comes to finding the best sex chat site to use. The point is, people must have all the facts about a site before they join, and nothing is more important than knowing the full costs of each site. Therefore, we will be our reviews with the costs of Costs

The cost to use ImLive is around $1.56 (U.S.D.) per minute. There is no cost to join ImLive. You can use the site’s basic functionality totally free, but to really get any 1-on-1 interaction you will need to make a purchase. You will only be able to actually access two-way sex chat if you purchase at least a small package of tokens or credits. Therefore, this is not a totally free adult webcam site, nor is it an adult chat site that does not require a credit card. With that being said it was also definitely not a scam. Let’s dig deeper so you have all the facts and can make a more informed decision on whether or not you want to join ImLive. When we tested ImLive it was our conclusion that the average prices were around $1.56 per minute. This did vary greatly though since each model charged different prices for each show. Like most adult chat sites, the platforms basically serve as an intermediary between models and adults wishing to chat on webcam, most of whom are willing to pay a fee to do so.

ImLive User Experience / Features

  • It was clear why the site is so widely used. We were met with a good selection and reasonable prices.
  • Flexible payment options, gave me total peace of mind that the service was trustworthy and solid.
  • The ability to zoom in on live webcams chat was very useful. While common to most other live sex chat sites, it’s one of the best features at ImLive.
  • Emails directly to other adult chat models were easy-to-use and streamlined.
  • Most recent people I had chatted with were saved automatically for me so when I returned I could get back in touch with others I wanted to chat with or have live webcam shows with again.
  • When I wanted to replenish my credits or for that matter when I agreed to spend money in any capacity there were very clear notations and steps in place to make sure I never paid for anything unless I agreed. Really it was very clear how much it cost to have a live sex chat session with each model. In most cases, the prices were very reasonable.
  • Lastly, I got an email right when I added tokens/credits to my account (each time) which helped me see why so many people use this site. I was never charged for anything except credits and that was only when I went through the simple, clearly marked steps to buy credits or tokens. There were no undisclosed fees here.


  • Overall we found that the sign-up process was simple to complete and we got an immediate email confirming our username and password.
  • Once we had our membership and we began using the site, online billing felt very secure and multiple payment forms were accepted; all of which were very reputable.
  • Everything went smoothly and we continue to use this site to this day.


  • Nobody likes to have to pay money, but you will note after we reviewed 70+ of the world’s most popular adult chat sites they all shared one thing. That one thing they all had in common is that they did not offer free sex chat, except on a very limited basis. Free really does not exist because there is a market for services of this nature and a strong demand. Therefore, the question you really should be asking is, which site offers the best value for my money?

Once got passed the home page and bought a package we did in fact get total access to the full website and all features. Therefore, we were in fact able to pick from all the models at ImLive and chat live with women on the site. (See our conclusion for what we noted that stood out about this particular site). Overall though I can tell you we were pleased with our experiences on ImLive. If you want our honest opinion about which sites we found the best deals on adult chat then I would refer you back to our Current Rankings table on the home page. We ranked all 70 plus sites we used. Most of the top 15 sites we still use, but 90% of the time we use the top 2 adult chat sites. Screenshots of ImLive are below.

What its like using imlive webcams
What its like using imlive webcams

ImLive  Summary

Scam check
A Safe Site.

This particular adult chat site offers live webcams and it is the primary method by which 2 way interaction takes place. It is optional as to whether you decide to broadcast yourself on webcam and you can be assured that it’s also made very clear when you are broadcasting and who can see you on webcam. In order to show yourself on the webcam at ImLive there is a series of simple and transparent steps you must follow, all of which are clearly marked. Most of the time users choose to just watch and not share their own cam.  The site ranks very well and is used by literally millions of people each month. Therefore, it should be clear to get this volume of traffic and maintain it, a site must be delivering on promises to end users.

Our conclusion of ImLive Live Mobile Sex Cams

We can feel good about referring our visitors to ImLive because when we tried this sex based chat service it was problem free. Sure, we did have a package of credit to get started. However, everything worked fine from the time we input our username and password and completed the sign-up process through the 2nd and 3rd times we returned and used the site. All-in-all it was a pleasant scam free experience. Likewise, it was a fun adult chat website as well!

You can try ImLive by clicking here.

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