Dirtyroulette.com Reviews

Dirtyroulette Reviews – What is the Big Hullabaloo

Introduction to using dirtyroulette.com, Is it a scam?

I would like to share my personal experience at the adult webcam site called dirtyroulette. In all honesty, I was a live sex noob when I tried dirtyroulette.com and to make things worst I am painfully shy. This is why when I began scouting for some action and ended up trying this site after I chose to test some sex cam sites. In general I felt that adult cams are discreet and safe; second I didn’t really have to interact much, just pay, look at the nude cam girls shows and jerk off.

What is big hullabaloo about Dirtyroulette

I was already a member though at a few cam sites so I knew what to expect at a good sex chat cam site. So, after my successful ventures at amazing live porn sites like LiveJasmin  and Streamate (reviews at that link), Chaturbate (reviews at that link) etc, I wanted to try my hand at something more interactive. Something that felt more real or intimate. My friend suggested, I could prolly try my luck with Dirtyroulette. I was like, yeah, why not. Let me try it.

It was only when got onto the site, I realized this was not what I had signed up for. girls.dirtyroulette.com ended up redirecting you trying to get you to sign up for cloned versions of unoriginal adult webcam sites.

Dirtyroulette.com Reviews
A complete waste of time as the girls were just the same cam girls redirecting back to the sites I mentioned above!! NOT FREE EITHER!

dirtyroulette.com Has a Super Messy UI

First and foremost, the biggest turn off about this popular adult cam site is their messy UI. They have like dozens of messages popping up from nowhere and even higher number of sections screaming various things. I was exhausted only by looking at it. If there is anything an adult cam voyeur is looking for it is simplicity and content, do not bombard me extra information. It took good 10 minutes of my life just to understand how to begin. 

Luck based Match Sucks at dirtyroulette.com

Again, much like the game of roulette, live sex on this site is a luck based game. You will never know when will you land onto you’re the match of dreams. They do have certain criteria that claims ‘to help you find’ your perfect match, but in my last three visits, I have been hugely disappointed. Again, if your stars are shining really bright and you do chance upon someone interesting to flirt with, you have to be extremely cautious and not hit the ‘Next’ button. Why? Because that’s how the chat ends! And, guess what, everything that you have chatted about (or exchanged numbers) is gone. It can’t be retrieved. Ouch! Dirtyroulette was that bad. What I have since learned is most of these roulette type adult cam sites are crappy and just are feeding models into a screen with an api versus being unique cam chat sites; so I skip over all of them! 

It’s such a scam that their age verification form is simply a Chaturbate.com registration page! NO KIDDING. don’t get me wrong Chaturbate is a great site but this dirtyroulette is just an affiliate trick!

See here…

cams.dirtyroulette.com SCAM. Its the actual Chaturbate registration page.

Pay up for professionals : Skip! Dirty Roulette Reviews Summary 

So, possibly, this could be your bad day and you have tough time striking a conversation with the fellow nude girls on cam. What do you do? You would want to try your hand (no pun intended) at someone who is more experienced than you, right? Here, comes the discreet part, while Dirtyroulette is heavily promoted as free adult chat site, you only get access to professionals once you pay up. That was it. Really I should tell you now about the research I did on cam site prices. There you can see what each really costs. We also only included prices for sex cam shows at just the best adult webcam sites!

I had my share of bad experiences and putting my money in Dirtyroulette is a big NO for me.  I will stick with my favorite adult webcams chat site which is called Streamate. We do not link to the crappy cam site called dirty roulette because it’s just a subpar cam site on all levels! That is a wrap on our DirtyRoulette.com reviews.

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